Your stories shown on your wedding day

The end credits shown at the end of the wedding reception, the wedding-party, or the after-party.
You can watch your lovely videos of the day with your beloved ones.
That’s why our SAME DAY EDIT is attractive.
The videos will be taken until your re-entry after dressing.
We can give you the disk after showing at the end of the wedding reception so that you can use it at the wedding-party.
Everything can be customized to whatever you like, such as inserting videos taken in advance into the end credit.
【COMPOSITION】1 piece of music
【ITEMS】DVD (on the wedding day) + Blu-ray + Weblink (at a later date)
【DELIVERY DATE】1 month after your wedding

Makoto + Miyu Weddin
Kei + Yurie Wedding
Ryogo + Maasa Wedding
Yoshito + Rina Wedding
Manabu + Mari Wedding
Kenta + Sayoko Wedding
"DEAR" Kotaro + Rie
Shota + Aoi Wedding
Shota + Marina Wedding
Tomoki + Akiko Wedding
Norihiro + Yukari + Yuto Wedding
Takahito + Emi Weddig
“Let it BEER” Masayuki + Ai
Masahito + Yuri Wedding
Atsushi + Shiho Wedding
“KIOKU NO MORI” Kazuma + Natsuko